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Advafab is an innovative semiconductor solutions provider delivering customer specific products and services for the most demanding industries and applications.


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Our Products – Cutting-Edge Semiconductor Technology

Advafab uses premium materials that are standard for high-quality pixel sensor modules and diodes, delivering the precision and performance of today’s demanding industry requirements.

Pixel Sensor Modules

Essential Components of Modern Imaging Technology

Advafab provides semiconductor pixel sensor modules that are tailored to meet customer’s specific requirements and quality.


  • Computed Tomography
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Elemental Analysis
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Space Dosimetry
  • Spectral Imaging
  • X-Ray Diffraction

Diodes and 1D Sensors

Key Components of Accurate analysis

Advafab provides high-quality diodes and 1D sensors that are reliable and efficient in various applications.


  • Spectroscopy
  • Elemental Analysis
  • Electron Microscopy
  • X-Ray Diffraction

Our Top Services – Learn how we can help you with Semiconductor Services

Advafab offers a comprehensive suite of semiconductor services, expertly crafted to meet the demands of both small and large-scale productions as well as the most ambitious research & development projects.

Enhance Your Devices with Our Next-Generation Semiconductors

Join the ranks of the most advanced technology users with our cutting-edge solutions.

Our Services are trusted by Industry Leaders

We regularly work together with Advafab as they can provide, among others, silicon sensor production and bump bonding services, also for a variety of High-Z materials. We value the precise and on-time work of Advacam for many reasons, most prominently their ability of bundling a variety of specialized services that allowed us to significantly reduce our logistic overheads. Furthermore, we have made excellent experiences with them with regards to experimental and one-off runs. Their knowledgeable staff has been very helpful in establishing new and uncommon processes, even if they are only exploratory in nature.

Customer in Research Industry

We rely on Advafab’s long presence and experience in thin film and clean room processing. Advafab has performed R&D and production of sensor manufacturing and wafer solder bumping. Advafab is performing impeccably on its production services contract and always delivers promptly and with high quality on its commitments. We are very satisfied to be in a partnership with Advafab and we trust them. This is why we have chosen Advafab as a strategic partner.

Customer in Dentistry Industry

As we have been doing business with Advafab for more than 5 years, we would like to state that our cooperation and supply-agreement we have is very important. With supplies of sensor components for advanced electron microscope and X-ray systems, Advafab plays an important and valued role in our success. We can highly recommend Advafab as a supplier of sensor and sensor developments.

Customer in Research Industry

Initially, we chose to collaborate with Advafab due to their professional and engaged customer approach, qualitative discussions and valuable technical input with design suggestions. Advafab presents a great team where all team members bring their knowledge to the table. In our partnership, we highly appreciate their accuracy, customer information and high-quality delivery on time.

Customer in Medical Industry

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