Advafab’s experts select the optimal dicing technique based on the wafer material and customers requirements, delivering high-quality and precise cut.


Dicing of Wafers

“Every cut matters” describes Advafab’s philosophy in dicing of fragile semiconductor wafers. Care and patience must be shown when delivering high-quality dicing with minimal chipping.
Over the years AdvaFab has developed special competence in dicing of the sensor and ASIC wafers. Dicing processed have been established for typical sensor materials including Si, GaAs and Cd(Zn)Te. Moreover, there are processed for dicing fused silica and quartz wafers. All the dicing processes are based on diamond blade dicing and our approach to dicing is minimise the amount of chipping instead of looking for high throughput processes.

  • image-1153

    Dicing saw in action

  • image-1155

    The compound semiconductors are challenging materials to be diced. Special dicing blades and dicing parameters are required for the materials.

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