Electrical Measurement

Advafab uses electrical measurements to ensure delivery of high-quality sensor products, that meet the customer specifications and perform optimally in their applications.


Wafer Level IV Measurement

AdvaFab performs wafer-level measurements to in-house fabricated sensors. Typically, current-voltage (IV) is measured from the guard ring or from limited number of measurement nodes. After the measurements, data is transferred to a database and the performance of the sensors is evaluated. We extract key performance metrics for all the sensors. These metrics include breakdown voltage and generic dark current level. Database can also be used for generating data visualizations e.g., wafer maps. If required, wafers are remeasured after dicing.


Module Level IV Measurement

AdvaFab performs the IV measurement for hybridized Si sensor modules. The leakage current will be measured as a function of the bias voltage, and the magnitude of the leakage current gives an indication on the cleanliness of the sensor fabrication process. The measurement will be done at room temperature in dark ambient. The module-level IV measurement reveals more trustworthy information than the wafer level measurement done from the guard ring of the sensor chips, because the whole volume of the sensor is depleted. The pixels will be at virtual ground potential and the continuous electrode will be biased.

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