Diodes and hybrid pixel detectors have important applications in the safety industry, contributing to various aspects of safety and security. These detectors offer advantages such as high sensitivity, real-time monitoring, and accurate detection capabilities.

Radiation Monitoring

Hybrid pixel detectors are utilized for radiation monitoring and detection in various industries, including nuclear power plants, research facilities, and medical institutions. They can detect and measure ionizing radiation such as gamma rays and X-rays, helping ensure worker safety and compliance with radiation safety regulations. Hybrid pixel detectors provide real-time data on radiation levels, enabling prompt response to any potential radiation hazards.

Personal Dosimetry

Si PIN diodes are used in personal dosimetry systems to monitor the radiation exposure of individuals working in radiation-sensitive environments. Diodes are integrated into wearable devices such as dosimeters or badges, which are worn by personnel to measure and record their cumulative radiation dose over time. Diodes provide accurate and reliable measurements, allowing for effective dose monitoring and ensuring radiation safety for workers.

Homeland Security

Hybrid pixel detectors play a crucial role in the field of homeland security, particularly in detecting and identifying radioactive materials. These detectors are used in security screening at ports, airports, border checkpoints, and other high-security areas to detect the presence of illicit radioactive substances. Hybrid pixel detectors can quickly identify and localize potential threats, aiding in the prevention of nuclear smuggling and enhancing security measures.

Environmental Monitoring

Hybrid pixel detectors are employed in environmental monitoring to assess radiation levels in the environment. They can be used for continuous monitoring of radiation in air, water, and soil to identify potential sources of contamination and ensure compliance with environmental safety standards. Direct conversion detectors provide accurate and sensitive measurements, contributing to the protection of the environment and public health.

Industrial Safety

Hybrid pixel detectors find applications in industrial safety, particularly in industries involving radiation sources or radioactive materials. They are used for quality control and safety checks in manufacturing processes, such as the inspection of products for radioactive contamination or the monitoring of radiation levels in industrial facilities. Direct conversion detectors help maintain safe working environments and ensure compliance with radiation safety regulations.


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