Hybrid pixel detectors find applications in the battery industry for various imaging, analysis, and quality control purposes. Their unique characteristics make them suitable for inspecting and evaluating battery components and performance.

Battery Manufacturing

Hybrid pixel detectors are used in battery manufacturing processes to inspect and ensure the quality of battery components. These detectors can capture high-resolution X-ray images of battery cells, modules, or packs, allowing for the detection of defects, irregularities, or inconsistencies in the manufacturing process. This helps in maintaining the integrity and performance of batteries.

Internal Structure Analysis

Hybrid pixel detectors enable the visualization and analysis of the internal structure of batteries. By using X-ray imaging techniques, these detectors can provide detailed images of electrode layers, separators, and other components within battery cells. This allows for the evaluation of the integrity, uniformity, and alignment of internal battery structures, which are critical for battery performance and longevity.

Defect Detection

Hybrid pixel detectors are used for the detection of defects or anomalies within batteries. By capturing high-resolution X-ray images, these detectors can identify internal issues such as cracks, voids, or foreign objects that may affect battery performance or safety. Detecting and addressing these defects during manufacturing or quality control processes helps ensure the reliability and safety of batteries.

Optimizing Battery Manufacturing Processes

Hybrid pixel detectors play a vital role in quality control and testing during battery manufacturing. These technologies enable precise measurements and characterization of battery components, ensuring adherence to strict quality standards. By detecting defects, impurities, or inconsistencies in battery cells and materials, hybrid pixel detectors help optimize manufacturing processes, reduce waste, and improve overall battery performance.

Aging and Degradation Assessment

Hybrid pixel detectors are utilized to assess the aging and degradation of batteries over time. By capturing X-ray images of aged or degraded batteries, these detectors can provide insights into changes in internal structures, such as electrode degradation, electrolyte decomposition, or separator deterioration. This information helps in evaluating battery health, predicting performance decline, and developing strategies for battery maintenance or replacement.


  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Spectral Imaging
  • Computed Tomography