iWoRid 2024 in Lisbon 30.6-4.7.2024

Advafab participates in the International Workshops on Radiation Imaging Detectors in Lisbon.


Dr. Juha Kalliopuska (Advafab CEO) will be present at the iWoRID 2024 conference and is available for discussions throughout the week.

There are three contributing presentations on Cr-compensated GaAs developed at Advafab.

  • Monday, 1st July at 18.41, Poster session, Mihaela Bezak, Helsinki Institute of Physics: “Charge transport dynamics studies of planar GaAs:Cr sensors by laser excitation
  • Tuesday, 2nd July at 14.30, Sensor Materials session, Juha Kalliopuska, Advafab Oy: “Chromium compensated gallium arsenide sensor evaluation using photon counting readout electronics
  • Thursday, 4th July at 11.40, Applications session, Jan Jakubek, ADVACAM s.r.o: “Optimization of energy resolution and/or stability for Timepix type photon counting detectors: 130 eV rms and/or images with SNR=1000 taken at 760 MCounts/mm2/s

These presentations describe the Cr-compensated GaAs charge transport characteristics, the latest developments in the sensor fabrication, and GaAs sensor usage in the high speed and flux non-destructive imaging.

The detailed timetable of the workshop can be found here

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