iWoRid 2023 in Oslo 25-29.6.2023

Advafab participates in the International Workshops on Radiation Imaging Detectors in Oslo Science Park.


Dr. Juha Kalliopuska (CEO) will give a presentation on the fabrication of Cr compensated GaAs wafers and share very recent results on our development efforts.

The presentation has been scheduled for session, Sensors 2, Wednesday, 28th June at 11:40.

The presentation is titled “Chromium compensated gallium arsenide sensors evaluation using Timepix1, Timepix3, Medipix3 and Timepix2 readout electronics”. The presentation summarises the GaAs performance results received from the contributing authors. It presents analytical comparisons to the other commercially available GaAs sensor material in terms of uniformity and spectral resolution.

Raw images of four evaluated GaAs pixel sensors on Medpix3 chip, where the chip 4 is produced by Advafab.

In addition, the presentation includes the first high photon flux open beam results up to 160 Mcnt/s/mm2. Finally, the presentation covers the future development work and gives an outlook to the GaAs radiation detector applications.

The detailed timetable of the workshop can be found here

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