Advacam Oy is now Advafab

Advacam Oy, leading advanced fabrication services supplier, also known as Advacam Semiconductors, based in Helsinki Finland has been rebranded to Advafab.


Advafab company headquarter has moved close to the city center at Saukonpaadenranta 2, 00180 Helsinki. The company’s wafer-level processes remain at the Micronova facility in Espoo.

The company was rebranded to better emphasize independency, the focus areas of the manufacturing and business services the company provides to its vast customer base all over the world. The company’s vision is to be an independent, globally well-recognized and trusted high-quality pixel sensor module producer. The company wants to fabricate the most advanced pixel detector modules in the world. Our goal is to serve OEM customers that work with pixel detectors and to build and enhance industrial partnerships with them.

The company rebranding has no impact on the ownership of the company, on the management, or on our customer base. The company production capacity has grown remarkably thanks to our new clean room facility located at the HQ facilities. We have also added some new services to extend our quality assurance procedures.

Advafab provides expert semiconductor solutions of highest quality. Our services and products help power world-class technologies used in industry and academy.

Saukonpaadenranta 2
FI-00180 Helsinki, Finland
Business ID: 2477847-4
VAT number: FI24778474